Can a Chiropractor Help Improve Digestive Health?

Posted in Thoracic and Ribs Health Conditions on Dec 24, 2021

Do you feel bloated after each meal? Do you feel that it takes a really long time until you feel your stomach light and empty? Unfortunately, you are one of the very many people suffering from gut problems. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, up to 70 million people suffer from digestive problems. This is partly due to the modern lifestyle, leaving people little time to eat healthy food at leisure. The good news is that you can improve digestive health by seeing a chiropractor.

What Is the Connection between Chiropractic and Gut Health?

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The average person knows what chiropractors do. They apply various manipulations to straighten misaligned joints and resolve subluxations of the spine. So, you may wonder: what has my spine got to do with my digestive problems?

The answer is a lot. Your entire body works properly under the command of a single organ: the brain. And the brain uses the nervous system to send signals to each organ and system so that it performs its job properly.

Whenever a signal cannot reach an organ, the person experiences a type of discomfort or a negative symptom. As it happens, the nerves that control your digestive system are located in the middle of your spine. Thus, your gut problem can likely be caused by a subluxation of the spine.

This is why you should see a chiropractor if you want to improve digestive health.

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How Spine Subluxation Affects Digestive Health

Now, let us see exactly what happens when two vertebrae in your spine become misaligned. This issue is usually caused by sudden trauma (car crash, slip, and fall, sports injury) or by intense wear and tear if you are doing physical work (such as lifting weights).

When the vertebrae are no longer perfectly aligned, a nerve can get pinched between them. Alternatively, the disc between the vertebrae bulges out and puts pressure on the nerve. The result is that the signals from the brain no longer pass freely through the nerve to your stomach and gut.

Ways in Which Chiropractic Can Improve Digestive Health

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The chiropractor will start by giving you a full physical examination. You will also be asked to detail your medical history, including:

•    Preexisting conditions

•    Surgeries

•    Medication you are taking

•    Medical history of your family.

The chiropractor will identify the cause of your gut health problems and create a personalized treatment plan, involving:

1. Adjustments to Resolve Spine Misalignments

One of the most frequent techniques to improve digestive health is using a series of manipulations that will encourage the vertebrae to return to their natural position. The chiropractor can identify the precise area where the spine is misaligned and correct this problem.

2. Correct Your Posture

Poor digestion and bloating can also be caused by poor posture. When you are not sitting, standing, and walking in a natural position, your muscles are tense and your ribcage may actually put pressure on your stomach.  Chiropractic treatment will aim to teach you how to maintain a correct posture through exercises meant to strengthen your back muscles.

3. Resolve Hiatal Hernia

Chiropractic manipulations are useful in treating hiatal hernia – a condition in which the stomach pushes upward through the diaphragm. In this case, the chiropractor’s adjustments will encourage your stomach to return to its natural position in the pelvic cavity.

4. Encourage You to Change Your Lifestyle

Finally, a chiropractor can help improve digestive health by showing you how to eat nutritious food, exercise, and give up unhealthy habits. Every choice you make has an impact on your entire body. And in time, these choices can cause you various health issues, from mental health problems (depression, fatigue) to gut problems and heart conditions.

When you decide to improve your digestive health, you will also improve your overall quality of life. We encourage you to call our clinic and book an appointment with one of our experienced chiropractors!

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